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Brenna and Andrew’s Family Portraits

I love what I do.  Pure and simple.  Most of the time it feels like playing.  Of course we still have hours and hours and hours of office time, because, in truth, only about 5% of the time is spent behind the camera.  But I still can’t imagine doing anything else.  I see photos everywhere.  I watch movies and spend most of the time watching how it’s lit and how they frame things.  When I’m talking to you on the street I’m looking for catchlights in your eyes.  I watch light dance around trees and through long grass and just wish I could stop to photograph a bride or a toddler in its beautiful glow.  Because I love what I do. 


So when you give me a family like Brenna and Andrew’s and tell me to capture them, I’m in heaven.  Brenna told me her kids were photogenic, and she was absolutely spot on.  But what she didn’t tell me was that the entire family was all kinds of amazing in front of the camera.  Beautiful smiles and a real love for each other made this the kind of photo session every photographer dreams of!


Benji, Blake and Jemima were happy, followed instructions and enjoyed the process.  Win win!


Plus they got to go tenpin bowling in the afternoon!


Lovely kids indeed!



These images here are going on canvases covering the hallway in the house.  Brilliant! 




Then, while the kids played happily, I was able to steal Andrew and Brenna off for a few shots of just the two of them.


There’s something so nice about a couple who have been married for a few years and still have this kind of connection.  Still so happy to be together.


Brenna, you are drop dead gorgeous!


I could go on and on sharing images from this gorgeous family’s session, it was just so lovely.  Thank you Brenna for getting in touch and booking in a session with us.  Thank you Andrew for going along with the plan so well and bringing us your winning smile!  And kids, you guys totally rocked it.  Hope you got that ice cream I suggested…

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