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Rebecca and Michael – Very Nearly Almost Married

She first spotted him on this very sand at Monkey Bay three years ago.  She wasn’t looking for love, but it was hard to look away.  It was the wedding of mutual friends and Rebecca and Michael had never met before today, but there he was looking all cute.  Michael sure noticed the pretty girl and with a little prompting from a friend (much like a 3rd form dance, he said) he struck up a conversation that lasted the whole evening until suddenly the evening was over and they were almost the last ones there. 

The following day Michael finds some Facebook stalking skills and tracks Rebecca down.  Good ol’ Facebook.  What did we do before it?



So three years on and here we are, back at Monkey Bay just days before the wedding, this time the wedding will be theirs.



Rebecca grew up in this area, playing on the beach and on the rocks as a child.  So it would be hard to find a more perfect place for Michael and Rebecca to have their pre-wedding photos!


And this, the very seat that Michael proposed to Rebecca.  Gorgeous!


As soon as I saw this spot I immediately thought of ‘The Princess Bride’.  I’m not exactly sure why, but there is a similarity there, somewhere.  Then Michael said he’d never actually seen the movie before.  It was at that point that I questioned carrying on with our friendship.  Kindness won, however, but Mike – you still totally need to see the movie.  Just sayin’.


Exceptionally pretty you are Rebecca!  Yes sireeee it’s going to be a doozie of a wedding!


We spent the entire time with Rebecca and Michael joking, chatting and laughing.  The sunset brought us beautiful light, indeed, but it also meant we were nearly done with the photo session.  Bitter sweet.




Paul’s epic shot.  Because you know he does this.


Rebecca and Michael, you guys are seriously cool.  I can’t wait for Saturday because we are going to have so much FUN!

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