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Emily and Jonathan – Engaged!

Emily and Jonathan’s engagement session was a long time coming.  We scheduled it, rescheduled it and rescheduled it again (and then again?)  Generally it was the weather keeping us apart, not just little spatterings of rain either!  Big dramatic windy and rainy weather, that only eventuated the afternoon of any date we were planning for.  So time after time we would watch the weather, see it closing in and call it off.  Then, finally, even though the weather was ONCE AGAIN threatening our play outside, we moved our session one hour forward and went for it anyway!  You see, it was their five year together anniversary.  Perfect timing!

So without further ado,  I give you the very patient, very marvellous Emily and Jonathan!


These guys have a likeability factor of 187%.



Not only are they ridiculously good-looking (wowzers Emily!!) but they’re also super easy to get on with, chatty, fun peeps. Just the kind of people that shine in front of my camera!


Jono and Emily met through mutual friends, over time their friendship grew and Jono began to be fully wooed by Emily, who admitted that she was probably the first one of the two to like the other.



And wouldn’t you know it, just as we were finishing up the wind turned bitter and the rain made an appearance, but it didn’t matter because we were DONE!


But wait, there’s more inside!  Check out little Grace and her two little teeth!


As if Emily and Jono needed help being likeable, Grace just pushed them off the scale entirely.



It’s not going to matter one iota what the weather will be like on your wedding day Emily and Jono!  We are going to have such fun, and you guys get to be MARRIED!

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