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The Duncan Family

They tumbled out of the car and immediately started chatting, actually, mostly it was Oscar doing the chatting.  He’s quite the little character!  We were fast friends and as he continued to chat I followed him to his ‘secret cave’ at the park, and we discussed pirates and boats and all such majorly important boy things.  


Finn was more reserved, quietly watching and making sure that this crazy lady with a camera was ok. 

The Duncan family are all sorts of awesome, and it’s been such a fun journey for me watching them grow.  The last time I got to play with them was when Finn was only just born.  Now look at him, fully two years old with all of the spunk and determination that comes with that age. While he has been told that he’ll be a big brother in a few months, I’m sure he can hardly imagine what that means.  For now he is the baby.


We’ve just returned from the A Bit More Soul photographer’s retreat, and I’m all wide eyed and bushy tailed and OH SO EXCITED about capturing families loving each other, playing and being together. 

I know that Grandma wants a photo of everyone under the tree.  I know we generally want at least ONE good shot of everyone looking and smiling.  We want a record of how our family looks.  But what about how our family FEELS?  Isn’t that what we’ll want to see in 20 years time? 


How about this?  This makes me smile.  This makes my heart soar.  This, right here, is how the Duncan family feels.


And this.


And this too.


We ran, we squeezed, we chased and we discussed pirates (several times we talked about pirates, you can never have too much of a pirate conversation!)


Did it matter that a certain two year old didn’t want to sit still and smile?  Heck no.






So if it’s all the same to you, I might like to concentrate a little more on how your family feels.  Let’s get back to basics and have some fun!

Lisa and Matthew, it is my hugest privilege to capture your growing family.  I can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds for you guys Smile 

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