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Update Time

It was pretty well exactly this time last year that I had to do my last ‘bulk’ blog update!  Seems the Christmas and New Year period sees us doing loads of portrait shoots, but not so many blog posts!  So let’s get a little updated, ey?

Check out Carter trying VERY hard not to laugh at my jokes.  I’m pretty sure this was when we were plotting on how we could get his older brother to hand down his Play Station 2….



We were lucky enough to be able to catch up with Frith and Jeff, and just LOOK at this gorgeous little boy they have!  Meet George. 


Frith, motherhood suits you real, real good!


Ok, I’ll admit it, I love crying baby shots.  I’m just imagining how much this image of Anaïs will be adored in 20 years time!


And just so you know, we do sometimes photograph families that don’t have small children!


Not that the ‘bigger’ children are necessarily any less playful!  Oh, and by the way, that headstand, totally legit.


About 18 months ago Jefferson and Rowelson joined the Humphreys family.  Aaron and Ruth have been on the waiting list for years, longing for, praying for and loving these precious children before they ever even met them.  Now that they’re here the Humphreys family is a better place.  


Jack has done a fair bit of growing up since we last saw him too!  Look how CUTE!


Vicky has this image on a massive canvas on her wall.  It looked so good I almost wanted to keep it myself!


Amy and Andrew’s family with two little boys is full of fun and energy and whenever possible, dirt and sticks.


When you’re not exactly sure what to hold on to, ears are always a good option. 


So there we have it!  Not even nearly updated, but a good way on the way!  Weddings are starting up real soon, so it’ll be all flowers and kisses and happy dressed up people getting married.  Beauty!

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