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Claudia’s First Moments.

There’s nothing like that moment that you meet your baby for the first time, is there?  It’s authentic, raw and utterly life changing.  I wish I had these moments recorded for my six babies, but I guess it just wasn’t a ‘thing’ back then.  Or if it was done it always seemed to be kind of hippylike.  Don’t get me wrong, It’s not that I have anything against hippies, it’s just that it always seemed to be that everyone had to be in a state of undress, with large beards (the Dads I mean, not necessarily the mum or baby…),  I dunno, birth photos always felt odd and uncomfortable back then.

These days photographing birth has become far more mainstream, and those without excessive facial hair are also enjoying having those first moments captured.  Families like Lisa and Matthew’s.  I’ve been photographing for them for years now, and I do a little happy jig every time Lisa calls me to take photos.  But this, my friends, this beats all.


I have never attended a calmer birth than this one.  While I tended to cry and apologise during my births, Lisa was just an absolute rock.  Quiet, solid, she just got it done.


And this was the moment Lisa and Matthew realised that after two beautiful little boys, they have themselves a DAUGHTER!  I have to admit at this stage there were a few tears scattered in the eyes of those present, and one of the nurses and I had to have a quick hug.  Just because we were THAT happy for them.  I guess that’s one way to make friends!


World, meet Claudia.





Then it was time to call the grandparents in so that the big brothers could meet their new sister.


And don’t these faces just say it all!






Lisa and Matthew, what a fantastic experience.  Putting the words ‘thank’ and ‘you’ together hardly sounds like enough, but thank you nonetheless!

If anyone else is keen to talk to me about birth photography here in Blenheim, give me a call, or drop me an email.  If you have a beard, that’s ok too.

(Come back soon and you’ll see Claudia’s newborn studio portraits!)

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