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NOTE: Please read the following important terms and conditions then sign at the bottom of the form to say that you understand and agree with these. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions at all.

Session fee

The portrait session fee is required at the time of booking along with this form. Your session is only officially reserved when this is paid, either by direct credit (ie. Internet Banking) or cash.
Our account details are: ASB account 12-3167-0137360-00. Please make sure you add your name as the reference with the deposit so we know who it's from.

Session postponement:

If you or your children are sick, please let me know as soon as possible so that we can reschedule your session. It’s always best to wait until everyone is well again before proceeding. Nobody wants to have a canvas on their wall of someone looking sick. If a suitable date cannot be found, your session fee will be refunded.
If the weather is rubbish, and we’re planning an outdoor shoot, we may have to rethink our plan. It’s always a great idea to have a wet weather backup plan in place so that we can still get some great shots if the weather is not playing along. If no suitable alternative location is available, we will simply postpone our session.

Photography is all about light:

To get the best out of our time together please trust my judgement when it comes to locations, timing and light. Fantastic photo opportunities are easily missed when the photo is taken in the wrong light. No one wants to squint or have harsh shadows accentuating every line and wrinkle. I will always look for the best light, and the best light will always make you look your best.

Image retouching:

Images you choose for your final collection will be lovingly retouched with colour and contrast enhancement, cropping, untimely pimple removal and other smaller incidental things. We try to leave the integrity of the image intact as much as possible. If you request advanced Photoshopping (ie. please remove Uncle Bill, or swapping someone’s head for Brad Pitt’s) we will charge an extra Photoshop fee which we will quote for as required.

Copyright and usage:

The copyright for any photos we take belongs to Jessica Jones Photography Ltd, however, you’re welcome to reproduce any digital images you receive on disc from us for the enjoyment of yourself, your friends and family - including permission to upload them to your social media sites (eg. Facebook, Google+, etc.)
Your images will be ready to view within 2 weeks at a personal ordering appointment. There is a $75 charge to reimport your photos from our archives into our system if you decide to choose your images at a later date.
We will most likely want to blog your images, as well as use them on our social media sites (eg. Facebook) and for other promotional purposes. If you’d rather we didn’t please let us know in writing.
By signing the following box you confirm that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions above.