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Photo Advent Countdown – Starts Today!

You know those advent calendars that help you count down to Christmas?  Everyday you open one window and inside is a little chocolate or something?  Well, I thought it would be rather cool to do something like that – but without the chocolate.  I’m sorry, I just don’t have enough chocolate to share with everyone!  How about photos though? 

So my challenge is to blog one photo every day from the 25th of November (today!) to 25th of December (Christmas!).  Most of the photos will be shots Paul has taken that made me go “Ohhhh…. coooool.  I should blog that!” and then I never do.  Well, ‘never’ stops today, and some of his gorgeous shots will see the light of day after all.  Other photos will be snapshots of our family during 2009, that make me smile and give you a small glimpse of our life away from the camera.

So here goes!

Paul took this today.  How’s this for perfect timing?

And closer in, even cooler!

1 thought on “Photo Advent Countdown – Starts Today!

  1. BRILLIANT Idea!!! Or is this just another way to get hits on your blog? lol either way i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! 🙂

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