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Wedding Interview #1 – Pink Poppie, Designer Florist

Today we kick off a new blog series.  I’m aware of how many engaged couples are looking around for good vendors here in Marlborough, so I’m going to make your life just a little bit easier!  This will be a series of interviews with wedding providers, it’ll give you a bit more insight into who they are and what they do. It should be fun! 

So it’s Valentines Day, so lets get started with Nina from Pink Poppie

Nina and I have done a few weddings together now, and her work always impresses me!  She’s sweet and friendly, and definitely worth a call if you’re planning a wedding.


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Born in Christchurch 1977, Mum, Dad, My Sister & Brother & The Cat all moved to Blenheim when I was 4. Started in Floristry at 15 as after school / weekend job doing all the horrible jobs and getting paid $3.50 per hour !  I didn’t really care about the flowers at that stage – just wanted my tiny pay packet at the end of the week to put towards the new shoes or top I wanted to wear out in the weekend……… until about a year later when I was offered a full time job and an apprenticeship that’s when my passion of floristry started to develop and hasn’t really stopped. At the age of 19 I went on an adventure by my self to America as an Aupair – an amazing experience! and returned a year later with a broken leg from a skiing accident, keen to get back into floristry but found Blenheim “oh so boring” after living and travelling in America, decided Wellington was perfect for me.  I hit the streets with my CV and after a few weeks to let my broken leg heal a bit I was off again. 

After a few months at the age of 21/ 22  years old I was asked to manage a city florist shop – a huge responsibility!  But I was full of the energy that comes with youth….. partying + working really hard = not much sleep! After a year or so of doing that I was head hunted by a lovely shop that did all the parliamentary flowers and before you knew it I was doing some amazing projects ( Prime Ministers office, movie premiers, national events and even flowers for the Queen! ) after 4 or so years of living and working in Wellington it was time to own my own business but it needed to be somewhere I had the support and stability, so what better place than home! I have owned Pink Poppie for over 7 years now and I can honestly say I love my job & my staff  ( It’s not really a job when you love what you do but man it can be hard work sometimes) Weddings would be the most challenging part of my work but also my favourite, there is nothing more rewarding than coming up with a concept together with a bride and groom and working through it for sometimes a year or more and then standing back on their wedding day knowing that I  have exceeded their expectations and mine!


How long have you been doing weddings?

About 15 years.

What made you get into them?

Just part of being a florist.

Is there something you do really well – something that separates you from the others?

I love getting to know the bride and groom and their story and translating their vision with sometimes a bit of direction from me ( after so many weddings I’ve worked out some of the things that work really well and others just flat out don’t work) I like to think I can guide a couple to make the right choices to enhance dress design, fabrics, venues etc with the flower choices. I work very closely with my flower / foliage supplier she is a florist herself based in Auckland and we share similar ideas.  She has her finger on the pulse regarding new varieties being imported & introduced into the market and will often send me samples so I know exactly what’s available to our brides. Only the best quality product will do ( it makes my job so much easier ) But the thing that I love the most are details, this might be the berries added to a buttonhole, the beading on the bound stem of the bouquets, the colour combinations to enhance fabric samples, the flowers on the tables being placed exactly where they are to go, etc.  I think we can give a couple confidence to know that on their day the flowers are one thing they will not have to worry about, we’ll have it sorted!


Have you got any interesting wedding stories to share?

Not that I can tell you really! But I have had a few bridezilla’s !!!! The funny thing is “those ones “always turn out to be so nice and grateful on the day….. it’s amazing what stress can do to a bride!

How many weddings do you usually do?

It really just depends on how full on they are, we work on a first in first served basis, sometimes we get a couple and all they require is a few bouquets and buttonholes – if that’s the case we can easily do 5 or 6.  If they are really big ie, reception & ceremony venue arrangements, 5 or 6 bridesmaids  etc, we may only do one. I strive for perfection and if we take on too much that may slip and that just won’t do!!


How quickly do you get booked up?

We have got bookings in from 2 years out!  But usually 1 year and that’s great because the couple will get to see what flowers will be in season and available on their day.  In saying that just this week I had a bride come in on Monday and getting married that Saturday, we were able to squeeze it in and it was perfect….. simplistic but perfect!

Do you have any special advice for those planning their big day?

Book early, Choose passionate vendors that love what they do! If they are good they will save you stress and money in the long run!  If you  ‘click ‘ with them from the first meeting, they are probably the one.  Give professionals some scope if they are really restricted you may miss out on some amazing creativity and extra special results. Once you have decided on what  look you like and want STOP surfing the net and buying wedding mag’s, otherwise the options will drive you crazy and the wedding will become messy!  Ask other vendors who they recommend – they get to deal with each other all the time in the wedding season and knows who does what best!


If you could spend a weekend anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Oh that’s way too hard!  Galleries & Shopping in New York , Partying in New Orleans, The Swiss Alps ( not climbing them though , just sitting by a lake looking at them ), Shopping in Melbourne, Ireland with Family, Disneyland with my beautiful niece or down the Marlborough sounds with my amazing beautiful group of friends doing lots of lovely walks and drinking plenty of  Marlborough sav blanc …. am I allowed that many weekends??

If you could have a superpower, which one would you choose?

To make wishes come true!

Sport or books?

50 / 50 Love them both….. nothing better than watching “your” team or person win!  And nothing better than a book that either enlightens or inspires you or just makes you forget about all the stressy things for a wee while!


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phone: 03 5785152

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