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Laura and Mark – Engaged!

Laura and Mark grew up in Motueka, a small town a little way out of Nelson.  They were both the same age, with mutual friends, but neither of them remember ever meeting the other.  That is, until they got set up.  I say HORRAH for a matchmaker that can spot a couple like this and hook them up. 

During all of our emailing back and forth, I got the feeling from Laura that they were a fun and energetic couple.  I figured a wander through town stopping at some bright coloured walls would fit them perfectly.  I think I was right!


Check out the gliding grace of Laura and the utter shock on Mark’s face as she floats away.


Swapping places and Laura is not in the slightest bit impressed that Mark is leaving without her.




Then we got our ‘gansta’ on.  Laura works in early childhood, and is probably the least gangsta person you’d ever meet. 




Then off to the tree.  Perhaps they were a little bit disappointed after the trek up the hill to find this spindly tree, but when they saw the images on the camera they totally got it – and promptly apologised to the tree for ever doubting it.

I asked if they could dance.  “We can do the robot!”


Here they fully embrace “The Tree”.




Laura and Mark, thank you so much for coming over and having this shoot with me!  And thanks for all the laughs!  See you soon!

16 thoughts on “Laura and Mark – Engaged!

  1. Amazing pictures! 🙂

  2. lovely lovely news xxx.

  3. Laura these are beautiful! 🙂 xx

  4. wooooowzzzzza! That’s all I can say! Jess (i don’t know you) but…….you have captured my 2 wonderful friends amazingly. you guys are so awesome. Cant wait wait WAIT for Sept the

  5. Wow so beautiful…you guys look awesome! Great pictures.

  6. Nice guys, didn’t realise my boy could look so gangsta lol, you both look great and so happy, awesome xxx.

  7. such awesome photos! you guys look sooo cute xx.

  8. gorgeous pics mark and laura. what a lovely idea

  9. Wow! Love these photos you guys! Is this your photographer for the wedding?

  10. how cool! congrats to u both what a great date to choose my birthday! 🙂 lol all the best guys these photos are awsome love the fltying away ones 🙂

  11. Amazing photos xoxoxoxo.

  12. I see “The Tree” figures again. Gotta love that tree. All the best to a great looking couple.

  13. What awesome photos of you guys, great photography Jessica 🙂

  14. You Rock my WORLD Jess!
    We had such a blast with you. Love the photos – Thanks so much!
    Cant wait to see you again in a few months… ahhh! xxoox.

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