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Bailey & Daniel – ENGAGED!

So my sister’s boy is all grown up – and getting married!!¬† I’m sooo excited about photographing their wedding later in the year ūüôā¬† Although, I can’t believe that I am the relative with a camera covering the day (shudder!)¬†and Paul will actually be the uncle with the flash camera – there’s one at every wedding, they are often referred to as ‘Uncle Bob’.

Anywho, Dan and Bailey are just so gorgeous together.  Bailey is a really sweet girl, well chosen Dan! 

I had such fun this afternoon dragging them around the town.  The weather was supposed to be thunder storming, but a window opened for us.  So we ran with that!

I am loving this red wall….

Whenever it suits, I bring Emily or Kimberly to a photoshoot.¬† It was Emily’s turn, and she’s dead keen on becoming a photographer as well, so I usually¬†let her loose with the camera that she’s holding for me.

This was one of her shots – not bad ey!

I actually think Emily shot this one too!

Checkin’ out the engagment ring…

Check out the expression ūüôā¬† I’m trying to get them to pull a serious face.

I’m pretty sure he gets his good looks from his aunty…!

Thanks for today guys, it was great fun.¬† I can’t wait for your wedding!!¬†

3 thoughts on “Bailey & Daniel – ENGAGED!

  1. Wow, I too can not believe that little Dan is old enough to be getting married. Seems especially weird being that I’ve only just gotten married myself and he’s so much younger than me!
    What a cute couple – great shots Jess. Man I wish you lived closer or we did so that we could have some fun photo sessions done.

  2. Jess you did an amazing job at getting their characters
    can’t wait to see how the wedding photos turn out.They are very lucky to have a talented Aunty and so am I.
    your gateful sister

  3. Well done Jess, we look at your site all the time and it suddenly occured to me to write a comment – actually Belle showed me how (remember being 15 & knowing everything?)
    Everything and everyone looks great, even Dan hahaha!!
    Love your work, keep it up

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