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Anneke & Jason

Today brought the opportunity to shoot another one of my sister’s beautiful children.  Anneke has been really special to me since she was a little baby… boy I could tell you some stories about this cute little ragamuffin.  But here she is, all grown up into a stunning young woman. 

This was Jason’s first experience with the ‘crazy aunty’ – but he seemed to cope quite well!

Naturally, we had to do the blue wall again!  This wall is right in town, and I had to giggle as I was across the street with my camera shouting orders at them, as people walked passed – looking a little bewildered.

Hanging out by the murals.  There are so many cute pictures in this series!

The fish does NOT look impressed.

Tessa – Aunty’s coming for you next!

2 thoughts on “Anneke & Jason

  1. loved them jess
    you make my kids look stunning
    OH thats right they get it from there mum….heheheh

  2. oooh Anneke and Jason make such a cute couple!!

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