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Jimmy the Horse

Jimmy is tall, dark and very handsome – but Jimmy needs a new home, so I shot him.  Sounds like a terrible opening line for a book, doesn’t it?  Anyway, Jimmy is absolutely beautiful and full of spunk, here are a couple of my favourites from yesterday’s shoot.

Amanda, you rode him beautifully, looking fantastic as ever.

In other news:

My photo of our elderly neighbour Ben and his wife Joan have made it to the cover of ‘Family Care’ magazine.  It looks so gorgeous, he’s kissing her on the cheek, and she’s looking rather pleased about it.  Sadly Joan passed away before she ever got to see herself as a ‘cover girl’.  Ben says she would have been thrilled about it.  I’d take a photo of it, but Paul is out on a job with the cameras right now.

There are a ton of property photos that I need to get on and blog, Paul has been a busy beaver now that the weather is nice – and spring is finally upon us!  HORRAY!

My tadpoles have itty bitty back legs now, you can only just see them.  Watching these little creatures develop has been absolutely amazing, how masterfully they have been designed!  Very cool.

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