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Evening Vineyard

It actually feels like spring now, with flowers, frolicking lambs and considerably happier people around the place.  My baby lettuces are cheerfully growing in the garden – and daylight savings starts this weekend.  HORRAY!

Everyday has been full of photography assignments, and there seems to be a bit of a race between Paul and I as to who gets the editing computer. 

Without a doubt, the shot for today goes to Paul for this little beauty!

In other news:

Our tadpoles are depressed.  They’re simply not themselves lately, refusing to eat or swim about with their usual glee.  They’ve clammed up too, they just don’t want to talk about it.  Yesterday my good friend’s tadpoles died, and it’s put everyone on edge.  Maybe it’s something in the air?  I doubt that, seeings they don’t breathe yet. 

Canon have announced their new camera, the 5D Mark II.  21 beautiful megapixels, up to 25600 ISO, it even records video!   They haven’t released it yet, but it should be out before Christmas.  This baby has so much going for it – I find myself thinking about it as I wake up in the morning – how sad is that?  Somewhere along the line I have become a bonefide geek!  That may be the case, but at least I’ll be a geek with a niiiiiice new camera!

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