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Super Gorgeous Rachel

I know I’ve been a bit quiet at blogging lately, it’s not cause I don’t love y’all, it’s just that life is so full and interesting right now!  I’ve been flat out photographing all sorts of gorgeous people lately!  Not the least of which is Rachel.  I got SO many gorgeous shot of her, but here are just a few as it’s WELL past my bedtime!

In other news: I’m off to see Jasmine Star in Christchurch!!  Yay!  I can’t wait to meet her and a crowd of other talented photographers, and hopefully recharge my artistic batteries!  I’ll be back on board on Wednesday, so watch for more blogging then.  Oh – and there’s a wedding coming up on Saturday that will be awesomeness, so keep a watch out for that one too!

4 thoughts on “Super Gorgeous Rachel

  1. Have just veiwed Rachels pictures and they are absolultly
    beautiful. The top and bottom ones have caught her true beauty, fabulous piece of photograghy.

  2. Let me be the first to say Jessica, how incredibly beautiful Rachel looks. The pictures are fabulous and your photography skills shine through in all of your work! (I took a look around your site 🙂

    I should mention that I’m Rachel’s mum in Canada and I know I’m biased. Jessica, you’ve really captured the magic in Rachel’s eyes and the feminine beauty that has emerged from the little girl grins I vividly recall. Thank you for capturing the essence of Rachel in your amazing photos! If I lived in Blenheim, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or hire you!

    To your continued success in 2010!


  3. that last one – OMG! I love how her eyes just pop against the scarf. Beautiful stuff!

  4. I can only echo Charlie’s comment, that last image is a killer shot.
    Love your work, keep on blogging.

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