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Glenn and Carina – Winter Wonderland Wedding

It was a day we’ve been looking forward to for months, one of the highlights of our winter, in fact!  The setting was St Arnaud, Lake Rotoiti, and both Paul and I were amped to get the very best images possible.  In fact, Paul was fairly sure he was going to outshoot me, and because I’m the one that writes the blog posts, I’m going to say he lost.  Or maybe it was a tie…..

It was an amazing day, not just because the weather was perfectly still and crisp.  Not just because of the jaw dropping gorgeousness of every detail, but because Glenn and Carina became man and wife.


Carina was absolutely breathtaking.  Every single detail was planned, and everything flowed like clockwork. 



Nina from Pink Poppie orchestrated the flowers, and they were simply divine. Not that I expected any less!


This is Gracie, she’s nearly four, so she tells me.  And she’s cute.  Way cute.


More gorgeous detail.


Meanwhile Paul was with the boys as they prepared to get the show on the road.


Glenn and Carina decided to see each other before the ceremony, so they met at this cute little cottage.


The dress stayed under wraps under this amazing cape, so there was still a nice surprise at the ceremony.


We went up Mt Robert, and although there wasn’t any snow, it was still a pretty awesome spot.


I like signs.  I like them a lot.


Down by the lake.


This was Paul’s capture.  I love the reflections of the trees in the glass, and seeing the nervous wait going on inside the chapel.   


As Glenn sees his bride walking towards him.  Win.


The vows nearly made me cry.  They were so lovely and heartfelt.


This photo is a major win.  Awesomeness.


And they’re married!  This was Paul’s view of the group shot.


Then back down to the lake for some more photos. Gosh I do love this spot.


Some of the best shots are of what goes on right before or right after a posed shot.


I’ve fallen in love with Lake Rotoiti.  I was told that there were sand flies, but they seemed to leave me alone.  Clearly they knew not to mess with me!


More beautiful detail on Carina’s dress.



This bridge was Glenn and Carina’s idea as well.  I love it!



Looking smooth Glenn!


Then onto the Lodge for the reception.  Everything was absolutely perfect.  Stunning even.



I love the emotion in these shots.



Thanks guys for inviting us into your spectacular Winter Wonderland Wedding.  You’re a very special couple, and we wish you huge amounts of happiness for the rest of your lives together.  Enjoy your honeymoon!

Even more photos on facebook!

Vendor Shoutout

Hair: Chrissy, Urban Hair

Makeup: Grace

Gown: Bernadette Thomas

Flowers: Nina – Pink Poppie

Reception and Catering: Alpine Lodge

Cake: Chocolate Velvet

3 thoughts on “Glenn and Carina – Winter Wonderland Wedding

  1. The shots are amazing which goes without saying, but the details of the wedding were priceless. The decorations… the cape, the bagpiper… wow!

  2. Congratulations. You make a wonderful couple and the photos are fantastic. Have a wonderful lfe toether.

  3. Dear Carina and Glenn. What wonderful wedding pics you look so in love and look fantastic just like a fairytale wedding. Can,t wait to hear the news of your new baby. How exciting for you both. Lots of love Marilyn and Al xxxxxxx

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