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Mark and Lisa – Married!

I woke up with a spring in my step on Saturday morning, WEDDING DAY!  I knew that Lisa was going to be gorgeous, and that Mark was going to be the perfect, most adoring groom.  I was right on both counts. 

As I write this, I am surrounded by my beautiful family, out in the country.  We’ve all gotten together (7 out of 8 of us kids from all over the world) to give Mum her biggest wish.  That her children be around her, enjoying each other and making music together.  Mum is becoming more frail by the day, but the joy that I see in her face as she soaks in the family she has loved all her life somehow softens reality.  Looking through the images of Mark and Lisa’s most spectacular day remind me again of what is really important. Love.  When all is said and done, it’s these moments and so many others, that mean the most.  It’s the most amazing privilege to be invited into people’s beautiful moments, to capture and preserve them. 



It’s a ‘Mum moment’.  I love it.  I love it a lot.


The girls got ready at Locks and Lashes, and Deirdre most certainly did a fantastic job, as always.


Lisa was absolutely breathtaking, and I couldn’t wait to see Mark’s reaction when he saw her!


Lisa is the BLING QUEEN.  I danced a silly little jig when I heard about all of the amazing detail that she had planned into her day.  Awesomeness Lisa, way awesomeness.



Nina and her amazing crew from Pink Poppie orchestrated the flowers.  Another little jig right there.  This Ostrich feather fan has been in Lisa’s family for generations, it’s just soooooo beautiful.


The wedding was held at beautiful Woodend Gardens.  It has got to be the most superbly preened garden I’ve ever seen.  Lisa loves gardening, so it was the perfect spot!


Lisa’s family is one of the sweetest, most sincere families I’ve come across.  In fact I was considering popping Rose, her Mum, into my handbag and taking her home.  She didn’t stop smiling all day, her little girl was marrying the love of her life.


Mark was so nervous, and excited.  He was a joy to photograph!





I like these people, I like them a lot.


The shoes were to die for.  More bling.


Have you ever seen a man happier with his gorgeous bride?  This image says it all.


If ever you’re planning a wedding in Spring, prepare yourself for the possibility of a bit of wind. 


Such a fairy tale wedding. Woodend Gardens, I love you.


The flowers matched the dresses so well, I could barely stand it.


Then onto Lisa’s Grandad’s place for some rustic country pictures.



Of course, more BLING.  Amazing bling.


Mark and Lisa, thank you so very much for letting us into your day.  We thoroughly enjoyed every moment, and can’t wait to show you all of the other moments we’ve captured!  Enjoy your honeymoon!

15 thoughts on “Mark and Lisa – Married!

  1. You guys have outdone yourselves!! Even I was squealing on the inside with excitement and I wasn’t even there haha!! Beautiful! Love the last shot too – what a “sweet” finish 😀

  2. Dear Lisa, Mark, Rose and Cam
    It was a pleasure and honor to work with you to organize the wedding at Drylands Restaurant. Great family !
    All the best for your future
    Liz, Heike and Dietmar plus the team at Drylands

  3. YUM YUM Marshmellows!!! absolutely gorgeous guys – congrats

  4. Your special day looked so amazing…….so nice to see the pics X

  5. Wow – what a stunning wedding! Lisa & Mark it was such a pleasure to work with you, all your planning and details made your day picture perfect!Jess & Paul – you guys are ROCK STARS!

  6. Beautiful set of photos. Nicely presented, and love the shallow depth of field. Very dreamy.

  7. We couldn’t make it — Thought about you form this side of the ditch though. You both look great — If you are ever in Melbourne we would love to see you . All the best for the future

  8. Lisa and Mark – Grandad and I think the photos are just beautiful! All our Love to you both xx

  9. LOVE is not a strong enough word! But that last image is the cherry on top! No wait.. the marshmallow on top! Love love love! Epic shooting Jones’!

  10. Congratulations Lisa and Mark.Look forward to meeting you both sometime soon
    A truely spectacular day. Well done Rose and Cam

  11. Congratulations Lisa and Mark – the photos are spectacular. “PERFECT” All the very best for the future. Its been lovely working with your mum Rose.

  12. Now I can see what I missed -even better than Mickey descibed – Photos are amazing – and what a beautiful bride!

  13. They are some of the most beautiful wedding flowers I have seen!

  14. Beautiful bouquet!

  15. Love the look of this wedding,

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