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Stella – Glenn and Carina’s little princess

I love the way they just lie there, doing nothing.  I love how their little knees tuck up into their chest when you cuddle them.  I love the smell (mostly…), I love the tiny noises, the way they just fall asleep for no good reason at all.  Ah, newborns, I love them.

Meet Stella.  She’s as yummy as they come.  All of nine days old, and utterly adored by her proud parents Glenn and Carina

Don’t you just love how they fold right back up when you put them down?  Amazing.

Glenn and Carina have the most stylishly decorated house, Stella’s room is just to die for.

Could they be prouder do you think?  Doubt it.

Harry seems fine about the new addition to the family.

Carina looks fantastic, really really great. 

I love baby crying photos – they’re a lot quieter than the real thing.

Beautiful little family!

Babies seem to have this inbuilt rulebook about pooing.  ‘When possible one must poo on the whitest thing one can see.  If Daddy is around, he should also be pooed on.’  Carina could hardly contain herself laughing.  Thankfully Glenn saw the funny side of it too (after the shock wore off slightly), and I was able to capture an entire series of it.  I love this even more than the posed baby on Daddy’s chest images.   Welcome to parenthood guys!

Thankfully parents have an amazing propensity to forgive.

Thanks so much for inviting me into your home to capture your beautiful family.  I feel utterly blessed to have been able to photograph your engagement, wedding and now your perfect little girl.  It’s been an amazing year!

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  1. Aaahahaha, was she asleep when she did that poo? Brings back memories.

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