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Michelle and Kris – Married

I was greeted with this smile.  Gorgeous.  Michelle assured me that she wasn’t nervous, simply excited.  She was right of course, what was there to be nervous about?  She was about to marry her best friend.  Michelle and Kris have been through thick and thin together, and after their harrowing time at Pike River Mine last year, life has lead them to new jobs and a new life in Australia.  The future is looking bright and today they get married.  What’s not to smile about?


The water was as still as could be, there was the slightest hint of moisture in the air, but not enough to scare anyone inside. Michelle and Kris’s wedding was held at the beautiful Te Mahia resort, which I am really beginning to bond with more and more.  One of the things I love about it, is that they don’t book anybody else in during a wedding weekend. This means there’s no other guests to have to keep quiet for.  Not that I usually get all that rowdy anyway, but if it were my wedding, I think it would be a real bonus!




Everyone got ready onsite, which makes for a very relaxing day!


Michelle was looking stunning, and it was clear that we had dealt with her camera shyness at the engagement shoot.  Not a trace was left! 


There were six bridesmaids at the ready to help with any little chore.  I wish I had that many people running after me on any given day.  I do have six kids, but I’m not sure they’re all an asset just yet.


Gorgeous details!


Mums know best how to fix things like button holes.


Kris and the six guys.  Looks quite impressive, doesn’t it!


They had the cutest little girls throwing petals.  I liked them a lot!


One really great thing about our job is that we are continually reminded of how important marriage is.  It never gets old hearing about making the little things count, because, you know, the little things are the big things.  Paul and I have been happily married for 16 years and sometimes I just want to call out and say “It’s true you know!” during a good bit in the ceremony.  But obviously I don’t, because that would be awkward.

Pastor Brent Pickworth said some really great things.  He said that marriage is nothing like a box of chocolates, you actually do know what you’re gonna get.  You get out what you put in.  He spoke about a marriage being like a beautiful garden, it takes effort weeding out the small things before they become large, and planting beautiful things.  Maybe I’m just a sap, but I like all of that stuff.




While I was photographing the girls, this kind gentleman offered me sushi.  I like sushi.  Well, I like sushi without that green stuff on it.  That green stuff makes it hot.  So hot, in fact, that your nostrils start burning and your eyes start watering while you’re trying to act all cool and photograph people.  I find it difficult to be cool at the best of times.  This was not the best of times.  Major coolness fail right there.


This shot is Paul’s.  I was getting what I thought were ok shots, and then when I downloaded Paul’s versions they were much better than mine.  Much better!  Ugh, hate it when that happens.


I reckon these were mine though, and even if they weren’t, let’s just say they were.


I love this area in Te Mahia!  Michelle is radiant, and just for the record, that’s Paul’s shot on the left, mine on the right.






The marque was decorated stunningly!  Beautiful details everywhere.



Kris and Michelle, thank you so very much for letting us capture your beautiful day.  We wish you guys all the very, very best in your new exciting life together in Australia!

Vendor Shoutout

Venue: Te Mahia Bay Resort

Hair: Melissa Johnson

Makeup: Deirdre, Locks & Lashes

Caterer: Spit Roasters, Nelson

Florist: Katherine Heusel ? Kat’s Floral Design, Nelson

Celebrant: Pastor Brent Pickworth – Motueka Church of Christ

Cake Designer: Yvonne – Edible Creations, Motueka

6 thoughts on “Michelle and Kris – Married

  1. Wow Jess these photos are absolutely stunning!!!

  2. WOW Beautiful Photos!!! Gorgeous Place, Beautiful People, Stunning Bride, Perfect Wedding, Great Friends, Wonderful Times & treasured Memories, Love Melissa xxxxx

  3. Congratulations Kris & Michelle! The venue looks amazing! And you do too… 🙂

  4. Michelle you looked absolutely stunning. Love and Best wishes for you and Kris.
    Love The Hibble Family xxx

  5. awesome photos, loved the light. beautiful couple, love you guys. Can`t wait to see the disc.
    Love Lisa and Family

  6. Congratulations Kris and michelle for an absolutely gorgeous day ! so many wonderful memories and these photos are just awesome well done Jessica and Paul for capturing the magic of the day !!love Bronwyn,Chris ,Jacob and Emma xxx

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