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Kim – Bridal Shoot

She’s utterly gorgeous, even a blind man can see that – that’s because her beauty comes from inside, it’s just that she’s also been blessed with external gorgeousness too!  Kim and Hayden got married earlier this year, a perfect day with lots of happy people and beautiful faces. But the dress has just been hanging around, begging for us to take it out and have a play.  Wedding days speed by at what seems to be the speed of light – so sometimes it’s nice to take some time, pick a gorgeous spot and the perfect time of day and just go and play!

This is what happens when we have enough time up our sleeves and a beautiful girl willing to get her wedding dress just a little bit grubby!



We took the opportunity to mix things up with flowers from Nina, a red veil and balloons.  Of course – balloons!



This is exactly the sort of thing we DON’T do on a wedding day!  Kim, we luuuuuuuuurve you!





We also had Jaime along for the ride, one of Kim’s gorgeous bridesmaids.  Kim and Jaime are both hairdressers and Jaime was in charge of the makeup.  So talented!


Totally rocking the balloons!


Kim and Jaime, thank you so much for the awesome evening! 

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