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Pet Day went off with an absolute bang! Pet after pet after pet came through the door, sat up on the box, and then got off the box, and then sat up on the box again and then…. (honestly, there was a lot of getting up and down from the box)


I can’t stop looking at how stunning this dog is!


I didn’t think we’d be doing another pet day for a fair few months again, but turns out there are a LOT of enthusiastic pet owners! So I’ve opened up another date on the 13th of July. Bookings essential


I’m BESOTTED this this doggy’s eyes.


15 minutes for me to meet the pet, make friends, grab the shots and immediately you get to see them order the one you want! Shots are $30 each. And we do a lot of laughing. (I think Pet Day is as much fun for Emily and I as it is for anyone else!)


You can even bring your cat. This is Chicken Little Boy. He is regal and wonderful.


I’m sure there’s a smile hidden under there somewhere! Deep, deep down.


Some dogs just can’t help smiling. Maybe I am funny after all….?


The funny thing about having pets come in, one after the other, is that everything SMELLS AMAZING, well to them anyway. You should see how enthusiastically each pet sniffs the chair.


Ok, so we use treats. I’m not afraid to admit it. Sometimes when it’s not your turn, but you really want the treat, it’s hard not to jump into someone else’s shot….


You know those days when you kinda want to look a bit mean, but you’re just TOO DARNED ADORABLE?! Yeah, that.


So if you’ve got a pet that needs his very own portrait done, and you have a spare 15 minutes and $30 on the 13th of July, you should totally book a spot:


But spaces are limited, obviously, so don’t dilly dally.


You can even bring your cat. But just so you know, cats will almost always give us a run for our money.


This is a gorgeous retired greyhound. I hope I didn’t offend him when I mentioned the smallness of his face. To be honest, I don’t think he heard me. Phew.


Oh yeah, you want to make it SUPER CHALLENGING? Bring me two cats.


Good thing they are so cute.


Because, by golly, they don’t like to sit still even for 160th of a second!


We only need a fraction of a second to get THE shot. Some of the noises that come out from behind the camera even surprise me. Still, it works, so we just run with it!


Many pet parents tell me their dog thinks they’re going to the vet, but we’re waaaaaay more fun than that. Also way cheaper, I think. And you get a nice photo, so bonus, right? July 13, book it now.

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