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Liz and Shaun

Liz and Shaun’s wedding was absolutely beautiful!  It was held at Ngakuta Bay in the Queen Charlotte Sounds, and although the weather threatened to rain in the morning, it was a perfect day by the afternoon.

Liz is an amazing organiser, and she had every little detail planned out. 

This was definitely one of those ‘cute kid’ weddings.  Seemed like everywhere you turned there was another cute little person 🙂


Liz was piped in by a young bagpiper, he did a really awesome job! 

Liz and Shaun were so thrilled to be married, and they didn’t stop smiling all day!

And they were so natural in front of the camera, I barely had to direct them at all. 

They had found these really cool boatsheds earlier, great find guys!

What an awesome wedding to be part of, thanks for inviting us in!  Have a fantastic time away on your honeymoon!

5 thoughts on “Liz and Shaun

  1. Looking forward to seeing the rest
    Regarsd Ian

  2. What a lovely idea to put them on the internet. As a childhood friend of Shaun’s mum, in England, and having met Shaun when he came over here, I have been looking forward to seeing their photos, and they are superb. Our love and best wishes to Liz and Shaun.

  3. A really beautiful setting for the wedding between two lovely and deserving people, Euan and I love the small tasting of photos posted here and are looking forward to seeing the full set.

  4. Nice job Jess! (My fav is the second from the bottom)

  5. Thanks Jess and Paul for not only wonderful photos to remember our day from but also your warm friendly nature we so enjoyed our day being photographed by you both.

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