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Helen and Mark – Married!

Helen, Mark and I bonded early and we bonded well.  One of the funnest (note: add funnest to dictionary) engagement shoots I’ve ever done and had me absolutely busting for March to hurry up and come so I could shoot their wedding.

A hiccup with my son’s health landed us in hospital last week (will blog on that later!), and so I was uncomfortable leaving him there without either Paul or I to make sure he was OK.  So I called Jim Tannock who came to my rescue and became second shooter for me.  Jim is a brilliant photographer in his own right, and having him there to back me up was such a huge help.  You can see who shot what under each image.

Helen is highly organised, which had us all wondering if she would be able to let go on her day and just enjoy it.  Well, she sure did!

_MG_3492-Edit-copy >Jess<

_MG_3587-Edit-copy >Jess<

Jim went with the boys and shot them with the incredibly cool Mustangs.

IMG_3832-Edit-copy >Jim<

Helen organised cufflinks for all of the boys.  I tell you, this girl thought of everything!

IMG_3762-Edit-copy >Jim<

Helen and Mark had decided to see each other before the wedding, and get portraits done then so that they could enjoy the day with their guests and not have to go away after the ceremony.

This is as Helen was sneaking up before Mark saw her.

_MG_3744-Edit-copy  >Jess<

And he was quite pleased to see her!

_MG_3759-Edit-copy  >Jim<

We wandered around the beautiful Monaco Resort as they continued to adore each other, Jim and I continued to capture it.

_MG_3881-Edit-2-copy  >Jess<

Two photos at pretty much the same time.  I think Jim got the better shot here… not that it’s a competition.  No.  Ahem.  Of course not….

IMG_4003-Edit-copy >Jim<

This one was totally Helen’s idea.  She said she had seen this spot the first time she came to Monaco Resort, and just knew it would make a great image.  Well spotted my friend!  You look absolutely STUNNING!

_MG_9332-Edit-copy >Jess<

Then off to Founders Park.  I promise this wasn’t a REAL train track, or that would just be silly.  I’m not so much into getting squashed by a train at someone’s wedding.  Not a good look at all!

_MG_4040-Edit-copy >Jess<

Jim was lying on the ground for this one, great angle, gorgeous bridesmaids!

IMG_4288-Edit-copy  >Jim<

I loooove this one too.

IMG_4341-Edit-copy  >Jim<

I have to say, Mark is probably the nicest guy you could ever meet.  For real.  You did good Helen!  Apparently they got to know each other over a game of monopoly.  Mark lost the game, but won the girl.

IMG_4132-Edit-copy  >Jim<

Then back to Monaco to get ready for the ceremony.  Helen being gorgeous again….

_MG_4340-Edit-copy  >Jess<

And walking down the aisle to see her groom….

_MG_4481-Edit-copy >Jess<

I ADORE this photo, the moment Helen has been planning for months.  Ok, YEARS.

IMG_4527-Edit-copy >Jim<

And could she be any happier?  I don’t think so.

IMG_4669-Edit-copy >Jim<

_MG_4650-Edit-copy  >Jess<

After the ceremony and family photos we saw some great light and just HAD to use it. 

_MG_9661-Edit-copy >Jess<


_MG_9677-Edit-copy >Jess<

Loving the shoes.  Loving them.

IMG_5032-Edit-copy >Jess<

Helen makes our job SO easy, everything was perfect.  And I mean PERFECT!

Untitled-1-copy >Jim<

The Dad’s speeches are always lovely.

_MG_9919-Edit-copy >Jess<

_MG_9949-Edit-copy >Jess<

Mark and Helen, you guys are a truly awesome couple.  You’re sweet and funny, and you laugh at my jokes (that makes me like you even more….)  Thank you so much for sharing your day with us.  Have a fantastic honeymoon, we’ll see you soon!

Jim, thanks so much again for helping us out.  I’m so grateful for the amazing job you did, and stepping in at the last minute like that!  I think we worked pretty well together!!

Our Sammy is doing better now, and came home from the hospital yesterday.  So that’s good news!

Vendor Shoutout:

Second Shooter: Jim Tannock

Nails: Lee O’Brien of Nail Creations

Hair: Lee O’Brien and Fiona Ward of Illusions Salon, Springlands

Make-up: Leeane Borcovsky and Heidi Cleveland

Gown: Bernadette Thomas

Flowers: Willow Floral Design

Reception and Catering: Monaco Resort

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  1. These photos are absolutely stunning! What a truly gorgeous day and couple.

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