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Vicki and JT – Married!

I left Paul behind at the hospital on Sunday looking after Sam our son (yeah, I know, still haven’t blogged about that…) feeling a whoooole lotta weight and worry on my shoulders.  It was good to go for a drive though, the weather was perfect and I turned the music up loud.  I announced myself at the gates of Timara Lodge, and as they opened for me magically, I couldn’t help thinking to myself, “FAR OUT how cool am I?!”  Y’see, I’m not really used to that level of coolness.  And Timara Lodge is pretty well as cool as you can get.

When I met Vicki at the top of the stairs all my worries melted away, because, honestly – how can you not just smile a lot when you’re around someone as infectiously happy and cute as this?


JT and Vicki came over from the USA to get married in little ol’ Marlborough.  A tiny and beautiful wedding, set in Timara Lodge’s amazing gardens, it was perfect.  Very perfect.



Jenny Andrews did a great job, as usual!


I say this a lot, but every wedding is so different.  Sure, the same stuff happens, ie. kisses and rings and signing the register, but every wedding is as individual as the couple.

This is the sum total of everyone who was at the wedding…


And this was the “Bridal Party”.  Marcus, on the left came all the way from the States to be with his friends on their wedding day, we shared a lot of laughs, Marcus and I.  Peter, on the right took them on a wine tour the day before, and they became fast friends and so he was asked to be one of the witnesses. 

That’s just the kind of people JT and Vicki are, you meet them, and you just want to be their friend, not because of their cool accent (well, kind of that too), but because they are genuinely nice people.


Brought up as the only girl in a tribe of brothers, Vicki claims she’s more of a ‘sweat pants and flip flops’ kind of girl.  This kind of surprised me as I imagined she looked this fabulous every day!



Honestly, these guys spent the whole afternoon smiling.  They were so excited to be married!



JT had the funniest sense of humour too.  Wandering through the gardens, we found this water feature, and as he put his hand on it he exclaims “Honey, is this ring you got me waterproof?”



Missing their own animals at home, they made friends with the doggy at Timara Lodge (and for the life of me, I can’t remember his name!)  He was lapping up the love though.


Serious bling.


Vicki and JT, I had such a fun time with you both.  Thank you so much for inviting me to be part of your day.  Enjoy the rest of New Zealand, and next time you come to Marlborough, please stop by for a coffee!

Vendor Shoutout:

Hair and makeup: Deirdre from Locks and Lashes

Venue: Timara Lodge

6 thoughts on “Vicki and JT – Married!

  1. Thanks for all the great pictures and captions. I wish I could have made it!

  2. A beautiful couple on a beautiful day in a wonderful setting, congratulations to my sis & bro!

  3. Congrats and Howdy! from Texas, You two are a blessing to eveyone you meet, I think the pics are wonderful, good photograher.
    Looking forward to ya getting back home to New York, and then to Texas to Celebrate again, such a wonderful occasion.
    Love ya Dan

  4. I can’t stop smiling either. I am so happy that you had your dream wedding. YDOD will love this too.

  5. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME! Can’t wait to celebrate with you, two. Congrats!!!

  6. These photos are gorgeous! Your smiles say it all! I have heard from my awesomely fun friend, Leslie (JT’s Mom) that Bill (JT’s dad) ADORES Vicki! She looks magnetic! I have met JT a couple of times and know how handsome, personable, talented, funny and magnetic he is, and I have seen a photo of the pair on Leslie’s desk at school. Nothing I have seen so far, in person or in pictures, does justice to the phenomenal happiness and glowing auras I see in these photos! Congratulations, you two! Looking forward to seeing you and celebrating in May! Have a blast and absorb it all!

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