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John and Robyn – Married

We struck up a friendship quickly, chatting away about life like we’d been friends for years.  When the conversation veered towards their upcoming wedding, and getting her photos taken, Robyn quickly declared “I don’t like having my photo taken, I don’t take a good photo!”  Even when I sympathised with her, and told her that pretty much everyone who sits in that couch tells me the same thing “Ohhh no, but this is for real, I REALLY don’t like it!”  I knew that once she was relaxed and happy, like most people, she was going to look gorgeous.

Sure enough, by the end of her wedding day she was beaming about having her photo taken, rather surprised at how lovely she looked!

This is with her bridesmaid, Sheryl.  They’ve been friends for 20 years, and you could tell how close they are!


Walking down the aisle towards her groom, one of my favourite views of the bridal entrance!  This is the time that even the toughest manly man shows his softer side.  Love it!


Other views of the same time, the guests. 


There’s usually a lot of glowing smiles from them as well!


John and Robyn have been together for eight years, and Robyn said that John’s proposal came totally unexpected.  Well done John!  It’s amazing how often the ladies can somehow ‘feel’ it coming – it’s awfully difficult to keep things a secret from us girls, you know.


Now living in Australia, they returned home to Blenheim to celebrate their wedding with their family and friends.  The ceremony was held at Green Gables.  A really lovely spot for a wedding this size.


This is Frankie, she’s the adorable product of a wedding we shot a few years ago, Kirsty and Sean (so far back it’s preblog!), she also happens to be Robyn’s grandbaby.  She’s only three months old, and look at that hair!  Have you ever seen a more gorgeous little lady? Robyn is simply besotted with her.


Robyn’s Dad really should get the ‘Father of the Bride Award’ for this year.  What a lovely man!  He surprised Robyn by getting a limousine for her (complete with drivers hat!) and being her chauffeur for the day.


They didn’t expect such luxury! 


He also followed us around the park during the portraits, holding flowers, parasols, cardigans and anything else that needed holding.  I could actually do with someone like him at all my weddings!


Once again, Autumn at Pollard Park is as beautiful as ever.


And John and Robyn worked it!


I love this shot of them!  They were both so deliriously happy all day!


John and Milo were obviously great friends too.


I think John also surprised himself with how studly he could look in camera!


Robyn had been given a prayer and hymns book that used to belong to her mother, and she carried it with her all day.  Such a lovely way of remembering and honouring her Mum.


John and Robyn, what a lot of fun we had with you!  Thanks so much for having us along for the ride!  All the very best, and enjoy your travels!

Vendor Shoutout:

Celebrant: Lurleen Fowler

Hair: Vanessa, Vogue

Flowers: Pink Poppie

Ceremony Venue: Green Gables

Reception Venue: Heartland Hotel

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