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Sam and Jane – the next day. Small town photographers in the big city!

We were still on a high from Sam and Jane’s amazing wedding the day before and we had a couple of hours to kill before our plane left to take us back home.  So what better way to pass the time than to go exploring in the big city with a bride and groom?

We’re small town folk, as I mentioned before, so it was super interesting watching the city folk in action.  In order to get in the zone, we practised our city faces in the mirror before we left.  How’s this for ‘Don’t mess with me?!’


The funniest thing about the whole experience is that although we must have passed hundreds of people, almost no one even acknowledged the fact that Jane was wearing a wedding dress!  We even went shopping at Farmers and hardly got a second look.  It makes me wonder what is NORMAL in the big city? 

No one seemed to worry about the guy with a trolley and Tourette’s syndrome, or the guy stealing ashtrays and foraging for a drink in the bin and then just pouring it all over the pavement, so a girl in a wedding dress buying pink fluffy jandles?  Meh.



Before he met Jane, Sam didn’t even drink coffee, but since she introduced him to it, he’s become somewhat of a coffee connoisseur.  And so, no stroll through town is complete without a stop at the Memphis Belle Coffee House.  Arguably the best coffee in Wellington, so I’m told.  It was extremely good coffee, just for the record!



Jane and awesome stuff seem to have a way of finding each other.  Check out the groovy glasses!


And then it was off to the parking building.  Turns out big city parking can look cool. 


REALLY cool!



Sam and Jane, you guys are all that and more.  We’re so thrilled to call you our friends!  Can’t wait to show you all of the rest of the photos!

2 thoughts on “Sam and Jane – the next day. Small town photographers in the big city!

  1. LOVE the ‘birds eye view in the carparking building’ shot… completely awesome. Beautiful work on the wedding day too. xx

  2. Beautiful! I love the creative use of the parking building!

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