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Laura – Portrait Shoot

Laura has just turned one.  She loves her puppets, fast rides on her little bike, but most of all she loves flowers.  Like, reaaaaaaally loves flowers. 

Rebecca and Alan asked me to capture wee Laura at the stage she’s in right now, and right now, she is super cute!


See?  Really cute!


Laura will do anything for raisins. I have never seen a small person be so excited about dried fruit.  This is her “Thanks for the raisins” face.



I guess she was only a new born during Spring last year, so these flowers popping up all over the place must be like Christmas to her.  Although, she probably doesn’t remember last Christmas either – so she’ll be in for a nice surprise during December too! 



It’s been great doing some portraits over the last couple of months.  I don’t enjoy having to say no during the summer period when weddings are in full swing, so saying yes lately has been awfully nice!  I’ll be starting to say no more often again after October, so if you’re thinking about getting some portraits done for Christmas presents, now’s the time!




Thanks Rebecca and Alan for letting me capture your delightful family!  See you soon!

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