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Helen and Jimmy – Married!

Helen looked amazing, just as I had suspected she would.  Jimmy was absolutely besotted and thrilled with his new wife. 

They found and grew their love in the warzone of Afghanistan, but they came home to friends and family to promise the rest of their lives together. 

Once again, Deirdre and her ladies did an amazing job on hair and makeup.


I have to be honest, I overshot the shoes.  I didn’t mean to.  I’m glad I arrived early because one thing just kind of lead to another and when I realised what had happened the shoes had been in just about every pose known to man.  I remember thinking “Pull yourself together woman, they’re just shoes!”  But OH the bling, it even sparkled on the soles!  I can’t reveal how many photos I took of the shoes, so I’ll leave you with just a few… 




Helen most certainly outshined even the shoes!


Gorgeous flowers by Jeanine from Verve!


Jimmy was cool, calm and collected.  After the many adventures he’s had in his life, I’m pretty sure this day was not going to shake him!






I love how they look at each other like no one else is in the room.


The plan was to have the wedding outside at MVH, but the weather was just not playing along.  Helen was super organised and had a backup plan, so there was absolutely no worries on the day – we just had it inside!


We went to Old St Mary’s Convent for portraits, which is the PERFECT place if you’re unsure about weather.  It’s just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside!


You’re not seeing things, Jimmy’s ‘best man’ is actually a woman.  Trudi has been a great friend to Jimmy, and who said the best man has to be a man at all?!









Check out their stylish ride!


Then back to MVH for the most beautiful reception.


Lots of happiness, everywhere! 






Jimmy chose the engagement ring, and I think he did a mighty fine job!


Jimmy and Helen, thank you SO much for allowing us to come and document your special day.  We wish you guys all the very best in the future!  We can’t wait to show you the rest of the photos!

Vendor Shoutout

Celebrant: Carol Taylor

Flowers: Verve

Hair & Makeup: Deirdre, Locks & Lashes

Dress: Pronovias, Dubai

Venue & Catering: Marlborough Vintners Hotel

Photo Location: Old St Mary’s Convent

Cars: Highlight Wine Tours

Music: Chilli Dogs

Special Shoutout for Wedding Preparations: Larissa @ MVH

10 thoughts on “Helen and Jimmy – Married!

  1. Thank you so much Jessica and Paul. We are proud that you were part of our special day. (Jimmy P. McCrillis and Helen Reeves) You guys were awesome.

  2. These photo’s are awesome….xxx.

  3. gorgeous photos! amazing job jessica.

  4. So gorgeous! it was such an awesome weekend, so happy for you guys! xxx

  5. Absolutely amazing photos! A treasure they will have forever.

  6. Congratulation! We hope you have a long and happy life together.
    Helen is a very attractive young woman, you lucky boy.

  7. Congratulations! May you both be the best you can be for each other and may you both cherish it way after any person is allowed to exist!

  8. You both look stunning – congratulations – I hope you have the best life together!

  9. Jimmy Wish you both a happy married life.

    Jimmy P. McCrillis Wish you both a happy married life!

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