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Sarah and Gustavo – Engaged!

She was busy working at her computer and it was hardly the time to go out for a walk, but Gustavo insisted.  Armed with Thai food and a good bottle of wine Gustavo took Sarah to the river.  When the time was right he reached down and said “What’s this?!” and there in his hand was a gorgeous engagement ring!  Bravo Gustavo, beautifully done!

The first time we attempted an engagement session with these guys was several months ago.  One minute the weather was great, and as we drove towards the coast all we could see was angry clouds and crazy-as wind.  We went ahead but decided we’d go out again some evening when the light was lovely. 

Sarah and Gustavo have dogs who are like their children to them.  Big and slobbery, full of energy, children. They joined us for some family photos up by ‘The Tree’.  Sometimes the outtakes make the best images! What is it they say about working with children and animals?


Aw so cute though!  Look at their faces!


Fast forward to a MUCH prettier evening where the light was kind and the wind was still.  We met at Pollard Park where what must have been the last of the Spring blossoms were still in bloom. 

Sarah is a photographer herself and photographing a photographer is a huge honour and somewhat scary at the same time!  But there is absolutely nothing to be scared about with Sarah and Gustavo, they are a load of fun and look fabulous in front of the camera. 


They followed instructions beautifully and were plenty keen to lie in the grass.  You gotta make the most of those petals!


I love this!  Gustavo has such a fantastic smile!


We revisited the tree again, this time with a gorgeous sunset.  Bingo!



How’s this for a gorgeous couple? 


Paul had lugged his lighting gear up the hill, so it seemed only fitting that we should do a few parting drama shots with it.  Gustavo has one of the best superhero poses I have ever seen.  Go you crazy superman, you!


Sarah and Gustavo, thank you so much for coming out and playing, we had so much fun laughing with you guys!  Bring on December, I can’t wait for your beautiful wedding!

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