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Leanne and Marcus – Engaged!

They always knew *of* each other, but not more than a passing “Hi” once a year or so.  Small towns are like that.  Leanne and Marcus were just two people carrying on with life as normal, entirely separate.  Then life threw a curveball.  A really, really big curveball.  Leanne got cancer.  Generally this is not how love stories start, but that’s exactly where this one does. 


The town rallied around Leanne to support her with a fundraiser.  Small towns are like that too.  Cue this unassuming farmer, who was drawn to the pretty girl with the strong spirit.  They chatted and the evening ended.  Leanne simply carried on with her life after that night, focussing on her treatments and fighting to get better again.


Marcus didn’t forget Leanne and knowing that she was in hospital getting treatment he asked her sister if she thought Leanne would mind if he popped in to visit her.  Expecting that Leanne would probably appreciate the company, she assured Marcus a visit would be just great. 


Turns out that was the best move Marcus could ever have made, and since that day he has been right by Leanne’s side. 


Leanne says that he has given her something to really fight for.  And fight it they did.  Together.  She’s now completely free of cancer, and later this year they’re going to vow to be together for the rest of their lives.  In sickness and in health.  And you know what?  If anyone knows what those words really mean, it will be Leanne and Marcus.




Leanne and Marcus, we loved getting to know you.  We loved spending the time at the amazingly beautiful lighthouse, we loved the light, the sky, the stunning landscape and the seal (the alive one, more than the dead one). But most of all we loved you guys and your amazing story.  Thank you for sharing it with us all!

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