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Selene and Huai Shi – Queenstown Elopement

Huai Shi called his good friend Selene one evening.  “I’m thinking of telling someone I really like how I feel about her, do you think I should do it?”  Selene hadn’t really considered Huai Shi as more than a friend, even after all of these years, but at that moment she realised that she might be missing out on someone really incredible.  “Go for it”, she encouraged him, feeling a pang in her heart.  For sure she thought she’d missed out on him, as obviously some other girl had won his heart.  The next day Huai Shi told Selene that it was in fact HER that he was thinking of, and just like that, a romance blossomed.  (phew!)

Fast forward several years and here we are in Queenstown with Selene and Huai Shi, eloping (well, they’re eloping, we’re taking the pictures.)  The day was absolute perfection, it was relaxed, fun and totally stress free, which is a major reason so many people LOVE the idea of eloping!


Selene and Huai Shi’s friendship goes way back.  WAY BACK.  In fact as we were driving around to gorgeous locations around Queenstown (OHMYGOODNESS, so gorgeous!) they showed me a picture of the two of them at Selene’s 11th birthday.  Pretty cute, hu!






We headed down to the lake where we met with Philipa Cook, the celebrant, who performed a beautiful intimate ceremony.



Elopements are one of my favourite styles of wedding.  Everyone seems to have a different reason for doing it.  The vows always seems so poignant, the moments so real.  Beautiful.








I’m not gonna lie, we were all a little worried about the weather.  It was forecasted to rain/sleet, with a gnarly southerly (you know how the weather people sometimes get a bit dramatic and say it’s going to be the worst since 1821 when records began?  Well, yeah, that sort of thing.)  We met up the day before under umbrellas and shivering (particularly cruel weather for those coming from Singapore!)  But the wedding day arrived and it was absolutely PERFECT!  A little chilly, yes, but we had sunshine and blue skies!


Oh check out these amazing flowers by Rosie Flowers.  LOVE these colours!


It wasn’t hard to fall in love with Selene and Huai Shi, they were just both so lovely, they made everything so easy! 


And look how splendid and perfect they look TOGETHER!



We headed up the hill just as the last rays of light snuck behind the hill, so much pretty.



Selene and Huai Shi, what an absolute delight it was to photograph your wedding in Queenstown, to hear your story and spend the time finding the PERFECT locations to capture your love.  Thank you for braving the cold.  Thank you for your gorgeous smiles, and for loving each other so wonderfully.  We’re so honoured and grateful to have spent such a special and intimate day with you.


Vendor Shoutout

Celebrant: Philipa Cook

Florist:  Rosie – Rosie Flowers

Make up: Juliet – J.E.T Makeup Artist  

Hair: Claire – Beautiful Bridal Hair




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